Supporting Student Mental Health in Schools

May. 06, 2019

Supporting and promoting the mental health of students and staff in the CBE is an essential aspect of learning. During Mental Health Week May 6-12, we would like to invite all CBE staff, students and community members to consider the many things we can do to support mental health in schools.

There is growing interest in the topic of regulation, and its connections to brain development and mental health. Staff and students are looking for effective ways to understand and manage thoughts, feelings and behaviors that can sometimes impact learning.

Brain Development and Regulation

Our understanding of individuals’ capacity to regulate and its impact on learning is grounded in an understanding of brain development.

Understanding Regulation: The Window of Tolerance

A useful framework for understanding the need to engage in different types of regulation, including up regulation and down regulation, is the window of tolerance.

Regulation and the Threat Response

A person in a threat response (fight, flight and freeze) may have different safety and regulation needs. If we can help students to regulate and step out of survival mode, they will be better able to engage in learning. For more information, you might like to explore

Mental Health Week provides us all with an opportunity to consider the many ways we can work to promote and support mental health in schools. It is our hope that many will take this opportunity to explore and develop new and creative ways we can attend to this so that we can all work toward greater success for students in our schools.