Moving Camp Event Helps Students Build Community in their New School

May. 17, 2022

The Calgary Board of Education recognizes the importance of transitions for all students. To honour the transition from elementary to middle school, Mayland Heights, Rundle, Marlborough and Bob Edwards recreated a “Moving Camp” experience for families, honouring the change from elementary school to the middle school environment. Held, Thursday, May 12, this evening event saw the Grade 5 families of the elementary schools walk to their shared middle school as separate communities and unite as one, becoming a new, united Bob Edwards school community.

The event was blessed to receive the wisdom and an honour song from Elder Frank Turning Robe and his son Knowledge Keeper Darcy Turning Robe marking this significant change both for students and families. Trustee Marilyn Dennis and Superintendent Andrea Holowka also shared a few words with the group, sharing their support of the work and gratitude for being a part of the ceremony.

The event was funded by Alberta School Council Engagement (ASCE) grants, and engaged multiple students, staff and families in an event that contributed to building school community and the future success of students at Bob Edwards School. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to bring our communities together through honouring the journeys of our students.