Nelson Mandela High School Hosts All in For Youth Summit

Feb. 26, 2018

On January 22, 2018, Nelson Mandela High School hosted the “All in For Youth” Summit. This day highlighted the work being done with our United Way corporate partner to support high school completion in the CBE and Alberta. United Way’s ‘All In for Youth’ initiative was born out of a desire to improve our city's school completion rate and give youth the opportunity for a bright and successful future. The "All In" initiative brings together community, corporate partners, school districts and philanthropists committed to encouraging youth to remain in and return to school to complete their education.

The All In for Youth School Summit focused on the importance of communities actively supporting school staff in their work with students. Through various presentations, attendees shared best practices as a way to reduce the high school dropout rates and improve high school completion rates in Calgary. In the CBE, the All In For Youth Success Coaches serve as front line support that help many students find their pathway to high school completion. This day certainly demonstrated the power of community partnerships as a way to support CBE and Alberta students to succeed.