Nelson Mandela High School Hosts Second Annual Wellness Symposium 2018

Mar. 12, 2018

Nelson Mandela High School believes in engaging students not only academically but also emotionally and socially. The second annual Wellness Symposium reflected that theme: Mandela United, “Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other.”

Based on a student/staff survey, the Wellness Committee offered over 54 sessions on Feb. 23, 2018 in which presenters shared their expertise on wellness. The day was full of interaction and learning on wellness-related topics including financial literacy, sexual health, healthy relationships, mental health, spirituality, zumba, yoga, health & nutrition, active living, zentangle, and much more.

The day started with a complimentary breakfast and the acknowledgement of the land and welcome to the circle. Students then attended a Keynote sessions with Dr. Pruegger who shared her message of hope and respect for diversity. Students selected and attended two individual sessions. The day was brought to a close by Keynote Speaker, Don Schapira, who spoke about social media and its impact on youth.

Another highlight included the Mandela Pledge and Banner led by the Youth Champions, signed by students at lunch, and hung up in our school Stadium. This pledge speaks to #mandelacares and our pledge to honor and respect one another.

The day was full of learning, sharing and reflection. Students completed an exit survey to share their experience and the impact the day has had on them, as well as feed forward ideas for the third annual event. Our students told us how much they appreciated the school hosting a wellness day just for them. Many students commented on the value of such opportunities and how they have been inspired by presenters throughout the day to make wellness a priority in their lives. Many student and staff volunteers made this day a success.

Our goal is to continue to inspire and provide invaluable experiences and insights that focus on student/staff health and wellbeing. With the continuous support of our current funders, Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta, our Wellness Committee is dedicated to continue the tradition of  “Taking Care of Ourselves and Others” at Nelson Mandela High School.