North Haven School makes Calgary a Winter Wonderland

Dec. 13, 2016



It is winter, but it was too cold to be a wonderland - until the North Haven School community met for their outreach evening on December 8. 

The North Haven School community battled the cold and spread a sense of wonder in Calgary's challenging economic climate. Families and students donated goods and took time from their hard work everyday to reach out to Calgarians in a meaningful way. Students developed a sense of themselves as contributing citizens in our city and an ethic of care for others.

North Haven, Harvest Hill and Evanston families contributed donations of socks, gift cards, toothpaste and much more to support some of our less fortunate community members. The number of donated items was inspiring, especially in these tough economic times, but even more inspiring was the attendance of families on a dark, cold December evening.

Attendees drank hot chocolate and coffee donated by Tim Horton’s, enjoyed a choir performance and a chance to chat. Families also made bird feeders to support the birds during the awful cold snap, wrapped presents to donate to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, stuffed socks and put together cards with toothpaste and toothbrushes to share holiday smiles at Calgary Drop In Center, made cards for senior citizens at Cambrian Manor, and made center pieces for seniors in Evanston.

North Haven Staff would like to sincerely thank our families for helping us build a sense of community and enhance our “Haven for Learning” to make Calgary a winter wonderland!