Panorama Hills School | Canada 150

Aug. 01, 2017

​To mark Canada’s 150 birthday, Panorama Hills School and community have been celebrating the diversity of the land and the people.  The results are an amazing legacy mural, a Celebrating Canada quilt, 150 new library books and a fantastic theatrical performance with Trickster Theatre.

Each class selected a Canadian region to study during the school year. Beautiful artwork was created for an art walk that was part of an annual community evening. Planned by teachers and parents, the Panorama Hills School Multicultural Event involved students demonstrating unique cultural music, dance and crafts. Cultural and community displays were set up in the gym. 150 new books, written and/or illustrated by Canadians, were proudly displayed in the learning commons and have been added to our school collection.

As well, a parent volunteer created a Celebrating Canada Quilt showcased in the hallway outside our learning commons, signed by all of our staff and students.

Under the guidance of artist Chester Lees, each student and staff member learned how to draw their self-portrait. Chester used each portrait to create a beautiful Legacy150 mural for our learning commons using the Canada 150 logo.

Our Trickster residency was the culminating success to our celebrations. Backpacks, lacrosse sticks, shovels, buckets and beach towels were just some of the props used to dramatically depict the Canadian landscape in a phenomenal performance.

Students, staff and the community of Panorama Hills took great delight in all of our activities that commemorated Canada’s 150 years of Confederation.