Pink Shirt Day | February 24, 2021

Feb. 19, 2021

Two Nova Scotia high school students inspired Pink Shirt Day by organizing their fellow students to wear pink in support of a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere. On Feb. 24, Pink Shirt Day is a time to encourage Albertans to stand up to bullying when they see it in schools, communities, workplaces, at home and online.

Show you care by checking in with one another. Learn #WhereToTurn if you or someone you know is experiencing bullying:

Let’s take care of one another and promote healthy relationships. 

More Information

Bullying Helpline
Call 1-888-456-2323 toll-free. Available 24/7 | 170+ languages

Bullying Helpline Chat
8 am – 8 pm daily | English

Download and share resources to help prevent bullying.