Recognizing Canadian Mental Health Week at the CBE

Apr. 28, 2023

​The Calgary Board of Education recognizes the importance of advancing mental health and well-being in connection with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s 72nd Mental Health Week, which runs from May 1 to 7, 2023.

This year, the CMHA is encouraging Canadians to share their stories of support, thanks or hope from their mental health journey and help others find connection and community.  

We want students to be successful in their learning, and we recognize that positive mental health enables students to participate in their learning fully. When teachers identify students who appear to be struggling with mental health and well-being, we work with community partners to refer and suggest resources for students and their families. Supporting student mental health and well-being takes a village: students, families, Alberta Health Services, community supports, and school staff all play a role.

We also recognize that staff mental health contributes to building a culture of well-being within our workplaces. When employees are healthy and experience well-being, students benefit. Protecting mental health and well-being has always been, and continues to be, a priority for the Calgary Board of Education.

This year, Mental Health Week takes place during a time when mental health concerns are increasingly prevalent. We all need to find ways to build resilience and support each other.

Mental Health Week gives us a chance to reflect on the many ways we can promote mental health in schools and across the system. The CBE encourages students, educators, and staff to check out the resources available.


For immediate and non-urgent assistance available to Calgarians, please visit:

Additional resources: