Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre Lighthouse Award | December 2017

Dec. 18, 2017

Crescent Heights and Robert Thirsk High School Students; SKCAC Staff; with Sheldon Kennedy and Board of Trustees Chair Trina Hurdman

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre (SKCAC) believes the entire community owns the responsibility to value and support the well-being of children, youth and families.  Since its creation, SKCAC has been a leader in addressing issues related to child abuse.  It is the SKCAC’s goal that all children and families have access to the support they need, in the place where they live to lead healthy, productive lives.

The Youth Champion Initiative within the CBE is an excellent example of how the SKCAC advocates for safe and supportive communities. The centre collaborates with the Canadian Mental Health Association, school administration and teachers to support student leaders in identifying a concerned school topic and to develop an action plan to address these issues, promote healthy relationships and positive mental health awareness.  Students develop their leadership skills through summits which are held four times a year.

During the 2016-17 school year, the Youth Champion Initiative was in 18 high schools in Calgary and area.  Student participants reported the following about their leadership and communication skills following the participation in the program.

  • 93 per cent increase in teamwork skills,
  • 92 per cent increase in helping skills,
  • 83 per cent increase in school connectedness, and
  • 75 per cent improvement in managing stress.

The Youth Champion Initiative has made a positive impact on our students.

Calgary Board of Education is pleased to partner with SKCAC in support of creating inclusive and enabling environments for the safety and security of our students. Our values of putting students first and providing them opportunities to develop citizenship and character as future caring and community minded citizens aligns with the work of the SKCAC.

Thank you for all the contributions to the CBE and City of Calgary. Congratulations on your Lighthouse Award!