Students Share a Love of Soccer

Jul. 03, 2019

On Thursday, June 20, Grade 5/6 students from Elbow Park School went to James Short Memorial School (JSM), located in Penbrooke Meadows, to teach soccer drills to the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 2 students. They also handed out a total of 250 soccer balls (one to each child) which were donated by the Elbow Park School Parent Society.

In gym class prior to the event, EPS students got into groups and each created their own soccer drills. There were 16 drills, some of which included “Hoop Shoot," a game where you try to shoot soccer balls into hula hoops, as well as “Pass and Shoot Lightning." These stations were planned for about two weeks in PE class and included making colourful signs that advertised each group's station.

EPS students interviewed their peers about their experiences with helping out at James Short. Here are their responses:

How did it feel to see the kids receive the soccer balls?

Pippa: “I was completely lit up. They looked so excited. It was funny. because they asked, “Do we get to keep these?" They were so cute."

Minay: “It made me feel happy that they were happy to know that they could take something home. To know that they have something to play with."

Was it challenging to run a station for all of the kids? What was the hardest part?

Madison: “The hardest part was getting them to understand what to do and how hard to kick."

What was your favourite part of helping out at JSM?

Sophia: “Teaching the kids how to play soccer and watching the priceless expressions on their face as we gave them their soccer balls."

Brooke: “My favourite part was probably getting to work with the kids. It was pretty fun."

The soccer clinic was a huge success, leaving about 250 kids with their very own soccer ball and an assortment of new skills. It also gave the Grade 5/6s an idea of just how patient you have to be in order to be a successful teacher.

Throughout the day, JSM students were heard saying their experience was “fantastic!" and “a lot of fun."

This is not Elbow Park School's first time lending a hand to James Short. EPS' Parent Society and School Council have chosen to support JSM over the years with their many fundraising events. These events include Christmas Hampers, A Bottle “Thrive" fundraiser and a “Mountain of Warmth" winter clothing drive. It has also given EPS and JSM students a chance to brush up on their letter writing and inferencing skills when given a pen pal writing assignment between the two schools.

It was a fantastic experience for both JSM and EPS. Students from both schools had a great time, as well as learned many new skills! You never know, maybe James Short students will be the next soccer stars!

Written By: Ella H. and Ava P. (Grade 6 Students at EPS)