Supercub | Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive

Mar. 07, 2017

It has become a tradition for the students and staff at Chris Akkerman School to participate in the Mayor’s Annual Food Drive, with proceeds going to the Calgary Food Bank. Each year, the students show exceptional generosity by bringing in non-perishable food items to donate; however, this year proved to be extra exciting as the school also participated in Canstruction Jr. and won the People’s Choice Award.

The theme this year was Superheroes vs. Supervillans. The Chris Akkerman Learning Commons was a buzz of activity as students met to collaborate, problem-solve, and build their Superhero. This whole experience allowed students to learn about a variety of curriculum connections, as well as give back to our Calgary community in need.

Look! Is it a jet? Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No….it’s….SUPERCUB! This superhero fights for healthy eating and nutritious foods. Supercub is made out of multi-grains, which help him keep up his energy. Every time he drinks a glass of delicious milk he grows 3 feet tall. 

After drinking 12 glasses of water each day, Supercub has ultimate focus and strength.  He blasts fruits and vegetables from the sky at all the candy villains he sees with his super-duper eyesight from eating carrots. When he needs to save the day he shoots apples, strawberries and raspberries because they really pack a punch!

Supercub likes to rest, when he is not fighting candy villains, at the amazing Health Island.  His favorite hobby is fishing.  He just LOVES his fish, all kinds.  Protein powers him up and gives him super speed.  Supercub must be aware of the Oooey Goooey Honey Blob as it will try to weaken his powers.

Supercub knows it is very important to pay attention to what he eats everyday!  Candy villains beware!!!!