Thank You for Outstanding Response on Re-Entry Surveys!

Jun. 26, 2020

Spring 2020 offered many unique challenges and experiences for people not only in Calgary but across the globe. During difficult times, it’s important for all of us to pull together and support one another as best we can. In the comments provided by students, parents and staff on the online re-entry surveys, we see clear recognition that we were all striving to do exactly that – support each other.

As Chief Superintendent of Schools Christopher Usih says, “That’s not to say the last few months have been easy. They have been extremely challenging for all of us, and the survey comments and feedback reflect that. However, we also see some things to celebrate.” In the comments we see a high degree of collaboration, compassion and gratitude for all the efforts that have been made to support students in circumstances most of us have never encountered before.
The surveys were open May 29 to June 11, 2020. Overall, the three surveys garnered more than 73,000 responses.

Some highlights of the survey results include:

  • Results indicate parents, students and staff are somewhat comfortable with returning to in-person classes in the fall.
    • 84 per cent of parents are very or somewhat comfortable
    • 87 per cent of students are very or somewhat comfortable
    • 73 per cent of staff are very or somewhat comfortable
  • All groups were split on whether online learning worked well overall this spring with 45 per cent of parents, 55 per cent of staff, and 55 per cent of students expressing some level of agreement with this statement.
  • 76 per cent of students indicate they have been very or somewhat comfortable with online learning.
  • Overall, the three groups did not express concerns about student access to technology.

The full results of the parent survey and student survey are available on our website. The full results of the staff survey have been posted on our staff intranet.

“We want to thank everyone who participated in the surveys. Your perspectives will make a meaningful difference in our planning for the fall,” says Usih.

We also want to acknowledge the close to 500 comments of appreciation we received from students and parents. We have shared some of these comments below in closing.

Some Comments of Appreciation on Student and Parent 2020-21 Re-Entry Surveys

  • A huge thanks to the CBE, the Teachers and all support staff for their continued support and efforts in ensuring that our children receive the required education online during these uncertain times. You are all TRULY APPRECIATED. We shall all get through these uncertain times with so much gratitude for family, nature, great health, love, happiness and the 'lil things in our lives, amen. Merci beacoup!
  • Thanks for the teachers and admin efforts to keep educating our students. I appreciate how incredibly challenging this has been and wanted to thank the staff at William Aberhart for their efforts!
  • We thank you for this opportunity to have our voices heard and we thank all of the amazing teachers for their instruction and support during this challenging time.
  • The teachers have done an amazing job with the online learning. Thank you to them and all the Midnapore staff who have done their best to make this a positive learning environment.
  • Thank you for this survey, at least I know my opinion will be considered.
  • Thank you my teachers at Braeside School!
  • The staff and admin at Edgemont School have been wonderful given the circumstances. We miss sending our kids to school but have appreciated the thoughtful approach taken by the school.
  • Bowness High and Twelve Mile Coulee have done an outstanding job communicating with parents and students.
  • A huge credit should go to the staff at Captain John Palliser - they have been amazing!
  • Windsor Park is our school and I cannot celebrate it enough.
  • We realize that this is such a difficult time and we appreciate everything that E.P. Scarlett has done for our child. The teachers and other children are what make the school!
  • Given the situation with the pandemic as well as poor funding decisions from the province, I feel that the CBE and Queen Elizabeth High School have done a fantastic job.  Words cannot express my appreciation for the support my daughter and I had.  Thank you!!
  • We support our high school, and are very appreciative of all of the teachers and staff. Best of luck as Ernest Manning gets back to a "new normal." We miss you!
  • I just want to commend the teachers at Edgemont Elementary.  They have done an AMAZING job teaching and connecting with their students. Given the circumstances I feel they have far surpassed any expectations and should be applauded.  
  • I want to say thank you to Mid-Sun School for the good work they have done in communicating with students and families on a regular basis - much appreciated!
  • I would like to say a big thank you to the grade 9 English teachers at Woodman junior high school. They have done an amazing job with all of this. They have continued to be supportive and encouraging.
  • Thank you again for all the support of the William Pratt teachers; you were simply amazing any time I asked for help.
  • Thanks for the teachers and admin efforts to keep educating our students. I appreciate how incredibly challenging this has been and wanted to thank the staff at William Aberhart for their efforts!
  • Thank you to all of the amazing teachers at Tuscany school!
  • I would like to thank CBE and sir winston churchill high school for adapting so quickly and contacting parents to communicate. I got calls from 3 teachers on issues so appreciated.
  • The teachers at MTS are doing a great job. Thanks for all that support.
  • Thank you for providing this opportunity to share from parents and our children. They miss school so much! (Proof that LBS is incredible!)
  • The staff @ Haultain Memorial have been so helpful, like they always are. They truly have supported my girls and I’m very thankful to have them in my girls lives!!!
  • Thank You to all Teachers and Staff for all the extra effort... Salute to all of you guys. EHS mom
  • I just want to say thank you to deer run elementary and all of the staff.... with all things considering I feel as though everybody is doing the best they can under the circumstances!!
  • I’d like to say how wonderful the staff at Battalion Park School and the CBE have been in supporting my child to continue to learn at home during this time. Thank you for all your hard work!!!
  • I must applaud the teachers of Arbour Lake School for their online instruction. They have been very approachable and available with any concerns and questions. Thank you!
  • The teachers at Chinook Park School and Woodman School have done a really terrific job. We look forward to what fall has in store and will work with our schools and teachers to support available programming.
  • Hillhurst staff are very capable and eligible to make learning amazing. I just want to thank the teachers at Hillhurst for making this for the best interest of the students.
  • Keep the awesome Windsor Park going!
  • My children go to a CBE alternative School - Montessori at Lake Bonavista School. The teaching staff there are incredible and provide the most amazing learning environment for all children.
  • Given the situation with the pandemic...I feel that the CBE and Queen Elizabeth High School have done a fantastic job.  Words cannot express my appreciation for the support my daughter and I had.  Thank you!!
  • Overall thanks for caring about the student opinion!!
  • Everyone has worked hard to maintain a healthy, positive, and productive school environment and as a student I am very grateful for everything my school has done. Thank you, and may everyone be safe.
  • I appreciate all the efforts that are going in to planning for the Fall. Thank you for putting together this survey and considering the input of parents and students. Well done, CBE.