Tim Horton Children’s Foundation | May 2017 Lighthouse Award

May. 30, 2017

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation has been partnering with the CBE for over ten years by providing access to unique outdoor learning experiences. The Foundation ensures that eligible CBE students, regardless of their individual circumstances, are able to benefit from the rich, experiential learning opportunities.  With the goal to inspire students to instill positive cultural change in their schools and fosters a commitment to making their communities a better place.

The Foundation’s fundamental values align closely with our mission to provide students with the skills necessary to thrive in life, future work and lifelong learning. Over the past three years, over 20 CBE schools including more than 900 students have taken part in Tim Horton Children’s Foundation programing.

While at camp, students take part in a variety of learning experiences that focus on Goal Setting, Peace, Relationship building, Teamwork, Challenge, Responsibility, Motivation and Reflection. Tim Horton staff work alongside CBE teachers to develop activities designed to promote life and leadership skills.  Additionally, students work together to create a community service initiative that is then implemented once students return to their schools.

The investment of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation in the future of our students and community is highly valued by the CBE.  Our partnership with the foundation is an excellent example of how together we support students to become the very best that they can be. 

“The service initiative we developed at camp and completed at school were helpful both for us as students and for our community.”     Jaskaran | Grade 6 student

“This camp was important because they taught us to be better leaders by learning leadership skills and learning to work together.”     Simran | Grade 6 student

“I learned how to use my leadership skills to motivate others.” Asmaa | Grade 12 student

“The experience of camp is important to a newcomer like me, because when I was in camp I felt Canadian.”        Rawan | Grade 11 student