Two-time Olympian Monique Sullivan receives CBE Legacy Award

Nov. 05, 2018

Trustees present Monique Sullivan with the CBE Legacy Award

The first Legacy Award of the 2018-19 school year was presented to two-time Olympian Monique Sullivan by the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees on Nov. 6.

Monique is currently a mechanical engineering graduate student at the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. In this role, she has committed herself to driving the needle of change in the fields of engineering and education.

Monique aims to disrupt the gender imbalance in engineering by actively recruiting and inspiring more women to enter the field. She also wants to find ways to teach engineering that are more inclusive and engaging for a broader audience.

As part of her outreach efforts, she visits high schools, hosts events and meets with potential students to enhance understanding of engineering, and to spark a passion in others.

Monique has a few other talents that might be worth mentioning. You may have seen her in the London Olympics in 2012, or Rio in 2016, where she represented Canada in five separate cycling events. Monique also made history in 2015 as the first Canadian cyclist to win three gold medals at the Pan Am Games in Toronto. 

Despite all her success, she’s also had her disappointments. At age 15, before graduating from William Aberhart High School, she competed in a junior cycling category meant for ages 17-18 at the Canadian championships. She finished second in the 50-time trial, but had the medal taken back --- because she wasn’t age-eligible. But she persevered.

Monique is an incredibly dedicated individual. While building her athletic career, she was also working on her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the U of C. Due to training, competitions and travel, it took Monique nine years to earn her degree.

Monique also gives back to her community. For several years, she was an athlete mentor with a program called Classroom Champions.

Classroom Champions is a program that strives to connect underserved students with world-class mentors so that children can achieve success. As an athlete mentor, she worked with students in Grades 2-6 throughout Canada. She helped students build social-emotional skills like goal setting, perseverance and civic engagement. While she is no longer an athlete mentor, she still speaks to elementary and junior high school students from across Alberta whenever she gets the chance. 

Monique also supports current Canadian National Team athletes, and guides and supports retiring athletes as they transition out of competition. Finally, she is the founder of the Monique Sullivan Development Fund Award, which raises funds and provides annual scholarships to support Canadian development cyclists.

Whether it’s through her work, her volunteerism or her athletic career, Monique embodies the CBE’s results of academic success, citizenship, character and personal development, while also supporting others to reach their highest potential.

Each Legacy award is unique. Monique’s includes artwork by fellow William Aberhart graduate Arianne Tubman. She completed the scratchboard wolf featured on this award as part of her Art 30 requirement. She is now completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia.

Congratulations, Monique Sullivan.

About the CBE Legacy Award

The CBE Legacy Award celebrates public education in Calgary, and the individuals who have contributed to our communities. In every corner of the city, across the country and beyond, our alumni have made a lasting impact.

Public education makes a difference in our communities, our country and our world. Legacy Award recipients embody the work of the public education system and represent the legacy of the CBE: preparing students for life, work and inspiring life-long learning.