West Dalhousie and H.D. Cartwright Schools Give the Gift of Literacy to Their Communities

Jun. 19, 2018

​Grade 1 and 2 students at West Dalhousie School are thrilled to be giving back to their community. Through their year-long inquiry of How We Know Our Connections, the Grade 1 and 2 students have been learning about their community in the past and how they are connected to it today.

Students were asked to consider what their contributions to the community could be. Working together, children between the ages of 6-8 agreed that the residents of West Dalhousie should have access to books and an opportunity to share their favourite books with one another. The four Grade 1 and 2 classes agreed to design, build and install four new ‘Little Free Libraries’ in the community, with the help of their Grade 9 reading buddies at H.D. Cartwright School.

The new Little Free Libraries were unveiled in the northwest community of Dalhousie on June 15, coinciding with Calgary Neighbour Day on June 16.


Students raised money by holding a gently used book sale to raise funds to register and pay for the building materials of the libraries, designed the plans and then joined forces with their Grade 9 Reading Buddies from H.D. Cartwright School and their shop teacher to build the Little Libraries.

It is the student's hope that the Little Free Libraries will be their legacy in the community, a gift of literacy that will give back one book at a time.