William Aberhart High School wins the national championship for blood donation in Canada for the third year in a row!

Oct. 13, 2016

William Aberhart High School receives the National Young Blood for Life Award from Canadian Blood Services

William Aberhart High School's well-known and loved former Sports Medicine teacher, Kevin Pelehos helped found the Young Blood For Life National Challenge. Mr. Pelhos's passion and vision for young leaders working for a good cause has inspired the Aberhart community and high schools across the nation to donate blood to help people in need. Last year, the school helped to donate 564 units of blood and has had 3467 units donated to Canadian Blood Services since 2011. Under the new Sports Medicine Leadership of Carlea Marinucci and more than 50 dedicated student volunteers, the Young Blood For Life Club continues and the passion and dedication to save lives through blood donation also continues.