Willow Park School Wins National Inclusive Education Award

May. 09, 2023

Supporting Students’ Diverse Learning Needs and Well-B​eing through Inclusive Education

Willow Park School has been recognized for its exceptional commitment to inclusive and special education by Inclusion Canada and Inclusion Alberta.  The award honours a teacher, school, or school district whose commitment to inclusive education is exemplary and deserving of recognition The National Inclusive Education Award was presented to the school in a special ceremony in Edmonton in April. The school was nominated by Emily Cairns, the parent of Illyanna, a Grade 8 student at the school.  

Willow Park School’s commitment to inclusive education means that students can be themselves in the classroom, with instruction tailored to their individual learning needs. This model of education has allowed Illyanna to learn alongside her peers in a conventional classroom setting. She is able to participate in group work and clubs, with staff working to facilitate peer relationships and connections.

Willow Park School's administration shared that their experience of working with students like Illyanna has enhanced their problem-solving skills, improved their listening abilities and fostered their creativity in programming. The school prioritizes the full inclusion of every child in their classrooms, as reflected in their motto, "everyone belongs," demonstrating their dedication to promoting inclusive education.

The CBE 2021-24 Education Plan​ defines a key outcome for our system as “Students access learning opportunities and supports that address their diverse learning needs and well-being.” Willow Park School is a shining example of CBE’s commitment to inclusive education. Their work shows how we can create vibrant and supportive learning environments that benefit all students, regardless of their differences or abilities. Congratulations to Willow Park School!