Winter Weather Reminders

Nov. 01, 2022

​​Families are reminded that extr​a caution should be taken during the winter months getting to and from school​

Calgary’s weather can include snow, cold temperatures and wind chill and that make getting to and from school challenging. Families are reminded that extra caution should be taken during the winter months and periods of extreme weather.

CBE Schools Rarely Close Due to Snow or Cold Temperatures

All CBE schools will remain open to provide a safe, warm and secure environment for students.

Assume that schools are open unless you hear otherwise from your school. Information regarding any school closures due to weather will be posted on the CBE website and social media, and shared with local news media.

Be Prepared

During the winter ​families should ensure they are prepared for all weather conditions.

  • Children should be well prepared and dressed for the weather.
  • Children will find it easier to walk through the ice and snow when their school books and lunches are carried in a back pack.
  • Children should not left unattended at bus stops for any period of time, under any circumstances. They should have clear instructions on how long to await for the bus and what to do if the bus does not arrive.
  • Families should ensure that they have back-up care arrangements if transportation is delayed. Children should have a warm place to stay before and after school (i.e. with a neighbour or a nearby relative).

Transportation Delays

During the winter, roads may also be congested and slippery resulting in possible traffic and bus delays. Unusually cold or stormy weather can result in buses being delayed. Unexpected mechanical problems with the bus may also occur more frequently at this time of year. Children should be dressed appropriately for the colder weather as buses cool off very quickly.

We know the bus driver shortage this school year has had a negative impact on many families. We anticipate the shortage will continue throughout the school year. While we are working with our transportation providers for solutions, the snow and colder weather will make getting to and from school more challenging.

CBE Transportation does not adjust routes or bus stops due to weather conditions.

There are a variety of ways transportation providers provide real time route information for families. Note | In times when they are extremely busy, all service provider staff are dedicated to driving buses and they are not always able to accommodate this service.

  • First Student uses a website to post delays
  • Southland Transportation uses MyBusStop App and My School Bus Monitor for messages on delays.
  • 4Seasons Transportation, Dreams Transportation and taxi services will contact families directly when there are delays
  • Calgary Transit service delays can be found on their website or their Twitter account (@calgarytransit).

Snow Removal at CBE Schools

CBE Grounds crews work hard to remove snow and ice throughout the winter months. First priority is given to snow clearing and sanding of perimeter sidewalks adjacent to school property, as well handicap bus drop-off areas and other related handicap zones. This could take up to 48 hours for this cleaning to be complete following a snow event. Second priority is given to snow clearing of asphalt playground compounds at elementary schools.

School parking lots are not plowed on regular basis. Should heavy snowfall cause driveway entrances or lots to become impassable, Grounds crews will provide access as quickly as resources permit.