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The CBE offers Immersion and Bilingual Language programming from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as an alternative program. Bilingual and Immersion Programs support students to become functionally fluent while achieving the learner outcomes of all core and complementary courses.

All language programs share common goals such as the development of cultural and intercultural competencies, metalinguistic awareness and communicative capacity for personal needs. Students develop sufficient language proficiency to consider pursuing post-secondary education as well as employment opportunities in French, Spanish, German or Mandarin.

The Impacts of Second Language Learning

Cognitive: Learners show well developed problem-solving, multitasking and memory skills as well as higher attention levels.

Academic: Learners show superior literacy skills and better knowledge of spelling, grammar and syntax across all of their languages.

Personal: Learners have greater confidence & pride, and a wider worldview can access more exchange & foreign study programs.

Societal: Learners show enhanced empathy, awareness of diversity and willingness to examine ideas from other cultures.

Intercultural: Learners show greater tolerance of ambiguity and more positive attitudes and openness to other cultures and practices.

Economic: Workers who speak additional languages earn more, attract more opportunities both near and far, and signal enhanced communication and cognitive skills to employers.​​​

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