Reminder | Sign Up for MyCBE/PowerSchool

Oct. 02, 2018

MyCBE / PowerSchool 

We’re about a month into the new school year and starting to get familiar with our new student information system known as MyCBE/PowerSchool.

Staff are working hard to minimize any inconveniences for parents and to respond to questions as quickly as possible, while training continues. And we're confident this new technology will make parent transactions and access to information better for everyone.

To date, about 50,000 new parent accounts have been created. For those parents/guardians who have not already done so, you will need to create a new account to do the following:

  • View academic information (schedule, grades and attendance)
  • View learning activities using Brightspace by D2L
  • Register for transportation and noon supervision
  • Pay fees (throughout the year) and request fee waivers; or
  • Book school conferences

How to Create an Account

Families need to go to to create an account. You will need to know the email you have on file at our school, as well as your child's CBE Student ID number and birthdate.

Please view our how to guides online as a first step. These include:

If You Need Help

If you and are still experiencing problems, you can get help in creating your account from the Parent Account Help Line at 403-817-6373. Please Note: this is a temporary help line only for parents having trouble creating their PowerSchool account. The Help Line cannot directly assist parents/guardians with the following:

  • accessing personal information within My CBE / PowerSchool;
  • verifying email addresses, student IDs or birthdates;
  • solving computer software or internet connection problems; or
  • answering questions about Fees or Transportation.

Additional Tips for Parents/Guardians

Don't use the PowerSchool app on a smart device

  • When creating your new account for MyCBE/PowerSchool, we recommend against using the PowerSchool App on a smart device. The best option is to use either a desktop computer or, if necessary, a web browser on your phone, to access the MyCBE/PowerSchool website.
  • The PowerSchool App for mobile devices is not customized for the CBE. This means users cannot use this app to access CBE's own online tools for things like paying fees or booking conferences. Again, it's best to use the website.

Refresh your browser if links don't work

  • If any of the links provided during account set-up do not work, try refreshing your browser (press Ctrl and F5) or try again in another browser (e.g. Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer).

Look for the myCBE apps button on the left side to do routine transactions

  • Once you have successfully signed in to MyCBE/PowerSchool, you can proceed to pay fees or do other transactions by clicking on the myCBE Apps button on the left side of your screen.