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High School

High School Program or Sequence of Courses Request

Program or Sequence of Courses Request

  • Transfers are only accepted from February 1 to March 15

This information does not apply to Home Education

Reasons for A Transfer

A parent / legal guardian / independent student can request a transfer to another CBE high school for the next school year for one of the following reasons:

Program Not Offered

Enrol in an education program not offered at the student's designated school


  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • CBe-learn

Sequences of Courses Not Offered

Take a sequence of courses up to the 30-level that is not offered at the student's designated school


  • Cosmetology
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Culinary Arts
  • Auto Mechanics
You can only choose one program, or one sequence of courses, as the reason for your transfer request.

Before Completing The Transfer Form

Research the following areas of information

Requested Program or Sequence of Courses

Know What You are Requesting Transfer For
For example,for IB, the form asks which IB program, and which IB classes, you hope to take.

 For information, talk to you designated school, view schools' websites, and view our High Schools section and CTS courses

Designated School

Go To Find a School

Search by Address
Type the student's home address, as registered with CBE.
Filter by Grade Level
Select the grade you want to transfer for. When you scroll down, you should see one Regular (10-12) school listed, which is your designated school.

Area School

Program Requests

View the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) webpages to see which schools offer these programs, and speak with your designated high school to confirm your designated Area school for the program

Sequence of Courses Requests

Speak with your designated high school, and/or view schools' websites to see what courses are offered

High School Transfer Process


Current CBE Students
Who Want To Transfer

You will require:

  1. A valid CBE Student ID number
  2. If the program required an International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme Expression of Interest Form. The form must be already be submitted to the school before proceeding to step 2

Not a CBE Student


Complete High School Transfer Form

Transfers are only accepted from February 1 to March 15

Click the link below to open and complete the form.

High School Transfer Form


Email Confirmation Message

If a valid email address was used when completing the High School Transfer Form, you will receive an email notification confirming your form has been submitted.


School Processes Forms

Transfer decisions are being made based on the space available in the requested school, program and sequence of courses

Please do not call the school


School Contacts Parents Or Independent Student

Parents or independent students are notified by mid-April if the transfer has been approved, and to which school.

Messages are sent to the email address(es) on file with the school.


Parent Or Independent Student Acceptance

Parents or independent students have ten (10) calendar days to respond to confirm the transfer. 

If the transfer is confirmed, the student attends the transfer school the following school year.

To remain at that school in ​future years, the student must continue with the program or sequence of courses that determined the reason for the transfer.

Ineligible Requests

We want students to be able to access their desired program or sequence of courses, whenever possible.

To best enable this, we will NOT accept requests for other reasons, such as athle​tic programs, specializations within a course (such as string instruments in band), or requests for siblings to attend the same high school.

Find Your Designated School

Each CBE student is designated to a high school based on their home address on file with the CBE.

Find a School Tool

Resident CBE Student

You are a Resident student if:

  • Have at least one parent physically resides within the geographical boundary of CBE
  • At least one parent is not of the Roman Catholic faith
  • Are an independent student who resides within the geographical boundary of CBE and who is not of the Roman Catholic faith

Non-Resident CBE Student

You are a Non-Resident Student if:

  • you are student whose parent(s) do not reside in the geographical boundary of CBE both parents are of the Roman Catholic Faith
  • you are an independent student who does not reside in the geographical boundary of CBE and / or is of the Roman Catholic Faith
  • a student on a short-term visit of less than ten (10) days

Schools Accepting Transfers

We need to make sure there are enough spaces for students who live in the communities designated to our schools for both course availability and school capacity, before we can accept transfers.

3 Status Levels

  • Open | Has the most available spaces
  • Limited | Has limited spaces available
  • Closed | No space to accept transfers (exception for IB programme)
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